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Sex and War

“Potts and Hayden make an important contribution as they explore our evolutionary origins and make suggestions as to how human society might reduce warfare in the future.” —Jane Goodall, primatologist and environmental activist

“Will transform your outlook on war, peace, and what needs to be done to secure a safer world.” —Sean B. Carroll, author, Endless Forms Most Beautiful and The Making of the Fittest

“In this impressively comprehensive treatment, Potts and Hayden step as far back as possible from the human race to assess the root causes of social upheaval.” —Randy Olson, author and director, Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus

“Worth reading, and arguing about.” —The Toronto Star

Hi Friends,
After more than three hundred pages of carefully researched and referenced work, Professor Potts and Thomas Hayden come to the conclusion that all wars are for resources, whether they seem to be or not!

This was not surprising to me but what caused me to change my focus from conservation to population control were his real life research and experience.

I had to be convinced by the facts! Others may need the extensive research and experience if they hold prejudices like I had toward conservation being the solution to wars for resources. Don’t get me wrong, conservation could be the solution….but Potts convinced me that it will be easier to control population than to convince people to use less. As Potts and Hayden point out, we have to do both but we have put less focus on population control than we should and the repugs and their neocon ways have set us back.

Just briefly, he acknowledges racism as a way of creating “out groups” so that leaders can pit humans against humans in the wars for resources. It is difficult to talk or write about justice without talking about resources.

You may not need to read this book if you understand evolutionary biology and genetics and accept the challenge that our human predispositon to team aggresion and war presents!

Best wishes, Lane Anderson from the White Mountains in NH


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