The Veterans for Peace, concerned local citizens and organizations are coming together – student groups, the interfaith community, Democrats, Ron Paul Republicans, Libertarians, disenfranchised groups on the Left and the Right for a “Wake up Call” on Saturday, March 19th.

There is something in the air, it broke out in Tunisia, spread to Egypt and many other nations. This is a wake up call. We the people of the USA are feeling it. We are not happy with what our government is doing in our name. It’s time to speak out, time to reclaim our representative Republic, time to define the future of our country.

On March 19th we will mark the eighth year of the invasion and occupation of Iraq with a march and rally. We will gather at 11:00 a.m. in De La Guerra Plaza, march at 11:45, south along State Street to Arlington West, the memorial at the beach that commemorates the thousands of US soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We want governance of, for and by the people – not the politicians, war profiteers and multi-national corporations. We want to foreclose these wars, not our homes. We want to rebuild our America. We want schools, jobs and a safe infrastructure. We’ve had enough of these multi-trillion dollar wars, and reckless foreign policy. We the people can do it together!

Will you join us?