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Peace through empowerment of women, part one

Analysis of problem and solutions.
Population growth in the Philippines is unsustainable.
Aspect one:
A high population of single mothers in the Philippines, wed and unwed, abandoned by father/s of children contributes to the problem.
Months in the field on numerous islands indicate a surprisingly large number of women raising children without the involvement of the father.  Self reporting by the women reveal that they were mostly impregnated by what they considered a responsible partner, only to be abandoned when they became pregnant.  A smaller number were married and abandoned after having child/ren when their husband became alcoholic, found another woman or pursued cock fighting, often all three.  There is NO divorce in the Philippines so they remain married but raise the child/ren alone.  One benefit of the close family tradition in the Philippines is that the mother and child are usually welcomed back into her family of origin.  The father’s family rarely participates.
Proposed solutions:
Paternity tests be provided free of charge by the government, church or Red Cross.
Fathers be prosecuted under an improved law to share responsibility equally for their children.
Improved law by legislature to establish work camps for deadbeat dads enforcing labor in forestry and other needed labors and sending proceeds to the mothers.
Increased recognition of the role of alcoholism in the abandonment of children..there is incredible denial about this!

Aspect two:
The lack of real security and health care for seniors leads to dependence on the offspring to support the parents.  This is ingrained and will take a long term program to remedy.
Proposed solutions:
Establish a strong medical program for seniors to provide security for them without having so many children.
Establish a strong housing security program for elderly.

Lane Anderson for Veterans For Peace


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