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increasing public awareness of the costs of war

Federalism for the Philippines

Referred to by early visitors as “the pearl of the orient”, the Philippines is, indeed, a place blessed with abundant natural resources and beauty.  Fertile volcanic soils and warm, productive seas make it truly a natural paradise.  The government of the country reflects the best of my homeland without including the worst, the undemocratic electoral college.  More power is given to local government units called barangays however, a tradition taken from pre-colonial days.. Read More


There is one Roman Catholic priest that was doing the most to close the School of the Americas, now called WHINSEC but he has been excommunicated and laicized: It would be great to hear some support for his reinstatement by Pope Francis!

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex MICC

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC) has long been the driving force of defense spending( ). Because of the control over congress they exert (every district profits through jobs), the only hope of change is to find things other than offensive weaponry to spend taxpayer money on. Global climate change and the threat it represents makes this possible. Currently the MICC is using the “threat of terrorism” as the.. Read More

Rice duck story

For about two years I tried to spread the word and technology for a better way for small farmers to grow rice. The SVD order of the Roman Catholic Church, IRRI and PARFUND provided me support and contacts:  When I attempted integrated rice duck (IRD) what was missing was clean water.  Where I was (Gloria, Mindoro Oriental) we had an artesian well but it was not producing enough water for IRD: Read More

Transforming Militarism

Transforming Militarism to Humanitarianism for the future! This will be our best recruiting tool, and therefore our best fund raising tool. It is something I have already tried out on active duty military at Arlington West, on veterans at VFW meetings and on the public during my campaign….it is something that can unite us with the active duty military and the environmentalists. Even if the transformation of our military from empire to global.. Read More

The Cost of One Hundred Million

The Philippines recently celebrated exceeding one hundred million population.  With a land mass about half the size of the US state of Montana (population one million), it has the fastest growing population in Asia. When I first arrived in the Philippines about four years ago it was to assist Father Ben Beltran as a missionary with the SVD. As I traveled the country pitching integrated rice duck farming  (IRDF) to priests, educators.. Read More

Opinion vs information

Because my opinion often misleads me I read a lot to get facts.  As you may recall, the important reads for me have been about us humans and aggression and territorial imperative.  Books and authors include “Sex and War” by Malcolm Potts  , “Blood Rites” by Barbara Ehrenreich and old reads by authors such as Robert Ardrey and Desmond Morris You may wonder why I do not have any posts.. Read More

Bishop Claver comments

In the book “The Making of a Local Church”, Bishop Francisco Claver states that opposition to contraceptives is NOT supported by scripture and, in fact, he could make an argument based on scripture for contraceptives based on their preventing abortion. Bishop Claver also calls family the blessing and bane of Philippine society and acknowledges that it prevents the organizing of real communities and is the cause of much of the corruption.