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Depleted Uranium Quest

Veterans Exposed to Depleted Uranium: Chapter 54 of the Veterans for Peace Needs You

Dr. Al Holtz

Dr. Holtz

Dr. Al Holtz

We are offering to help represent veterans who have been exposed to depleted uranium radiation and are suffering from cancer or other side effects. Our chapter has expertise in medical, legal and administrative law.

We as a chapter of the VFP have started a program and done research to develop a brief for presentation to the VA rating board to obtain service connection disability for the affected veteran. Gulf war I and II vets are encouraged to get in touch with us for information on this project.

Update Oct. 2009: Download the Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ “Evaluation Protocol for Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom Veterans with Potential Exposure to Depleted Uranium (DU)” handbook (pdf format). Thanks to Daniel Seidenberg for bringing this document to our attention.

A. I. Holtz, MD, FAAP has had seven years experience on the rating board in the Los Angeles office.